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Richard Bistrong Corporate Compliance Training

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A real-world ethics and compliance training series.
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Compliance Corner is a real-world ethics and compliance e-learning series, as told through the front-line perspective of Richard Bistrong, former FCPA violator and FBI/UK Cooperator. It’s training for the Front-Lines from the Front-Lines.

Designed with the input of global compliance leaders, the series addresses issues of ethics and compliance to help compliance leaders bring their code of conduct to life through a holistic journey of real-world risks and real-world lessons. The series consists of eight vignettes, including one workshop and a list of resources. 


The vignettes’ goals are as global as they are simple: To help employees do what’s right in difficult circumstances- when it matters the most- and to help everyone make principled decisions in what’s a very competitive and complex world.

Unlike the usual “hypothetical” or “abstract” e-learning content, the Compliance Corner library is the sum of a twenty-year experience of Richard Bistrong’s role as a global sales Vice President.

The content was produced and designed to complement existing ethics and compliance training initiatives. And that’s the great part of the Compliance Corner library: The vignettes can be integrated with existing e-learning content, embedded as stand-alone training, or as a complement to live training, whether in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid environment. While the vignettes are numbered and titled, they can be launched in any order that fits your organizational needs. They were designed to deliver content to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time according to your needs.

And as the Compliance Corner library continues to grow, adding more voices from the front-lines over time, any new vignettes will automatically be added to the library. This is a Compliance Corner journey, not a destination!

The Compliance Corner library is available through a three month, one-year or two-year renewable license, or shorter-term licenses as part of Richard Bistrong’s corporate keynotes and workshops.

"Tastefully done. Clearly impactful, captivating, bite-sized, digestible chunks, of ethical pearls of wisdom, for dealing with real world challenges.  Richard lays it all out there- for us to consume and help our organizations learn from, instead of repeat, his and others' costly mistakes.  This series hits the nail on the head and conveys a compelling message that that everyone- from C-Level to the frontline employee-  needs to hear."


Scott E. Sullivan

Chief Integrity & Compliance Officer at Newmont Corporation 

Winner of the 42nd Telly Awards for Corporate Training, honoring excellence in video and television content across all screens. Compliance Corner was chosen from more than 12,000 entries from five continents.


Explore the Compliance Corner Video Library

Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, 
Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish. 

See the power of Compliance Corner today.

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