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In addition to his corporate services, Richard Bistrong frequently presents at symposiums, conferences and academic events on a global basis.


  • Please join me for a webinar titled "How to be a Compliance Influencer on LinkedIn!?" on May 3rd at 15h CET, with Bettina & Guido Palazzo. The webinar will focus on tips & tricks to boost your LinkedIn experience.  For more information and to register for the webinar click here.

  • Speaking live at Seton Hall's Health Care Compliance Training Program (US) on the Panel Discussion: Being the Focus of a Government Investigation, The program takes place May 20-23, 2024.  For more information on the program, please click here.

  • Please join me at the 10th anniversary Oslo Anti-Corruption Conference, on June 13-14, 2024  at the Quality Hotel Expo, Fornebu.  The conference focuses on new trends and developments and the consequences of corruption.  For more information and to register for the event please click here.

  • Stay tuned for more upcoming 2024 events!!




  • Presented at the SCCE 12th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute.

  • Presented at ICA's Munich Master Class


  • Presented a discussion on "Compliance as a Leadership Task, Shifting the conversation from Risk to Responsibility."in Barcelona.

  • Presented at The Compliance, Anti-Corruption and Ethics Conference in Germany.

  • Presented at The Association of Corporate Investigators Symposium in London.

  • Presented at Bled Compliance and Ethics Conference in Slovenia.

  • Presented at ICC Mexico's "IV International Anti-Corruption Congress"

  • Presented virtually at ECEC 2023, Europe's largest compliance and ethics conference

  • Presented live at the "6th Marval International Summit on Compliance, Anti-Corruption, and Investigations" in Argentina.

  • Presented a hybrid event with Nordic Business Ethics for their Ethicstalk Live show.

  • Presented a fireside chat and reception with Ty Francis MBE, moderated by Elvis Angyiembe hosted by LRN and MEACA.

  • Presented a live keynote in Copenhagen at the MACN Member Meeting .

  • Presented live at event hosted at the Amsterdam office's of AtriCure.

  • Virtual panelist for a DICO Talk: Compliance as a leadership task – International Perspectives

  • Presented virtually with Professor Ellen Lafferty, during her Anti-Bribery and Corruption course as part of the Corporate Compliance Program at Fordham Law School.

  • Presented virtually to the students of Seton Hall's: Asia-Pacific Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program.


  • Presented a live keynote from Albania, at the ICC Albania's "Week of Integrity" conference, focusing on ”Promoting Integrity: The Individual, the Organization and Beyond”.  

  • Presented live from Miami at the "Cambridge Roundtable for Compliance Leaders".  

  • Presented virtually to Seton Hall University School of Law, U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program.

  • Presented live from Finland at The Nordic Business Ethics "EthicsTalk".

  • Presented live from Stockholm, Sweden's Corporate Supporters Forum 10 Year Anniversary.

  • Moderator, SCCE Chicago & Nashville Regional Compliance & Ethics Conference. Virtual.

  • Adjunct Professor, IE Law School, International Diploma in Compliance.  Virtual.

  • FAFPI, The Fight Against Facilitation Payments, for the event 'A Journey from Corruption to Compliance' in Copenhagen.

  • Presented live with the UConn School of Law Alumni Affinity Group.  A fireside chat discussing: Integrity, Compliance & Enforcement Integrity Under Pressure: Reconciling Ethics, Compliance and Business Demands.

  • Presented at ICC's Virtual Webinar: A Journey From Corruption to Compliance: A multi-perspective panel on real-world risks and real-world lessons.

  • Presented virtually to Cornell Law School, Transnational Corruption and the Law Class,

  • Presented virtually to University of Richmond School of Law, Corporate Compliance Class.

  • Presented virtually to Seton Hall University School of Law, Asia-Pacific Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program.

  • Presented virtually to the Fordham University School of Law, Compliance Capstone Course, on "Aligning Incentives to Promote Compliance Objectives”.  

  • Presented From Corruption to Compliance- What Can We Learn? with Marion Spears Karr on the Healthcare Thought Leadership LinkedIn Live Show.  


  • Presented at NACD Atlanta's Virtual Signature Event: Journey to the Dark Side of Business: Real-World Risks and Real-World Lessons

  • Presented virtually to the students of the University of Western Ontario, Law's Anti-Corruption Law at Policy Course. 

  • Presented virtually to the students of the University of Western Ontario, Law's Anti-Corruption Law at Policy Course. 

  • Presented virtually, A Journey to the Dark Side of International Business: Real-World Risks and Real-World Lessons, to the IAE Business School's Center for Governance and Transparency.

  • Presented virtually A Journey to the Dark Side of International Business​ to Seton Hall University School of Law, US Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program.  

  • Presented virtually A Fireside Chat with Ellen Hunt on Integrative Behavioral Ethics into Compliance Programs, to the students of Fordham University, School of Law, Program on Corporate Ethics and Compliance. 

  • Presented virtually at Marval's International Summit on Compliance, Anti-Corruption and Investigations 2021, with George "Ren" McEachern, Managing Director, Exiger, in a session titled"Surviving a Corruption Conviction".

  • Presented virtually on Facebook Livestream to celebrate the launch of Deirdre Breakenridge's new book Answers for Ethical Marketers: A Guide to Good Practice in Business Communication.  

  • Presented virtually at the 2021 Virtual Compliance Workshop organized by the Compliance Commission of ICC Mexico,“Challenges and Lessons Learned by Compliance Managers During the Pandemic”.

  • Presented at the SCCE’s Virtual European Compliance and Ethics Institute with  Helge Kvamme, CEO and Founder, Kvamme Associates  and Patrik Börjesson, Head of Investigations, Volvo Cars, on a panel titled “The Challenges of Cross-Border Investigations in a Data Privacy & Virtual Investigatory World.” 

  • Presented virtually with MentorCore in a webinar titled "What Can We Learn By A Career Journey From Corruption To Compliance?"  


  • Presented virtually at the "3rd Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Compliance China Summit", with Henry Li, Head of Law Department, Philip Morris (China) Management Co. Ltd.  "The Challenges of Compliance Communications During A Crisis".

  • Presented virtually at the "Fraud and Corruption: Staying Vigilant and Spotting Red Flags" webinar with Allen & Overy Investigations Partners Eve Giles, William (Billy) Jacobson, and Julian Moore.

  • Presented virtually at the "4th Annual PCC Canada Virtual Summit", with Chrisoula Nikidis, Head of Ethics & Compliance at Takeda Canada.  "Managing Compliance Communications During Times of Crisis".

  • Presented virtually at Steele's The Future is Compliance Conference, "Shake off the Crisis Mentality: Communicating Effectively During & After a Crisis".

  • Presented virtually at AMLP's 9th Annual ABC Forum, "Navigating the impact of Covid-19 on ABC compliance".

  • Presented virtually at The 21st Virtual PCF Pharma & Med Device Ethics & Compliance Congress.

  • Virtual Moderator, Transparency International Canada’s "Week of Dialogue - What’s wrong with Canada: Are we taking anti-corruption seriously enough?"

  • Presented virtually at Converge20.  In a session titled: "Bad Apple, or Toxic Barrel? Building a Culture That Preempts Bad Behavior".

  • Virtual Presentation, "The Financial Fraud Forum", an annual conference that highlights the challenges and describes how crime is developing right now. 

  • Virtual Presentation, "The 6th Anti-Corruption Forum", The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

  • Webinar with Amanda Raad, Partner Ropes & Gray, Jules Colborne-Baber, Partner, Deloitte; HCCA/ SCCE “Can A Risk Based Approach to Compliance Miss Real-World Risk? Multiple Perspectives on Workplace Challenges During Times of Crisis.” 

  • Webinar with Diego Sierra, Luis Danton Martinez Corres, Beatriz Podcameni, Jose Claudio Trevino; ICC Mexico “Compliance During Times of Crisis: Personal and Professional Perspectives.” 

  • Webinar, with Alison Taylor (Executive Director, Ethical Systems), Mary Triny Zea (Investigative Journalist, La Prensa), Max Heywood (Policy and Advocacy, Transparency International), Transparency International Panama, "La pandemia COVID19: Cambios en la lucha por la transparencia y anticorrupción. Testimonios de personas en la primera línea de acción". 



  • Keynote Interview with Mia Falk, former Detective Inspector and corruption investigator within the Police and the United Nations. Advokatfirman Vinge, Stockholm. 

  • Keynote Interview with Amanda Raad, Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP, ACi Annual Symposium, London.

  • Keynote, CBI’s 10th Annual Internal Audit & Third-Party Risk Summit. Philadelphia, PA,

  • Panel Moderator, “Training Outside the Box,” Compliance Week 2019. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote, Nordic Business Ethics Network. Oslo and Stockholm. 

  • Keynote, Steele 2019 Client Conference. Amsterdam.

  • Panel Moderator, “Biases, Nudges, and Habits: Insights from Behavioral Science to Foster an Ethical Culture,” SCCE’s 7th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute. Amsterdam. 

  • Conference Chair, International Criminal Court - High-Level International Conference on Integrity and Anti-Corruption. The Hague.



  • Keynote Interview, Transparency International Nederland (TI-NL). Amsterdam.

  • Keynote, MetricStream GRC Summit. London. 

  • Keynote Interview, 19th Annual Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress, Washington, D.C.

  • Masterclass Leader, NACD Global Leaders’ Summit. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote, CBI’s 14th Annual Medical Device Compliance Congress. Chicago.

  • Keynote, CBI Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress, Latin America. Panama City, Panama.

  • Panel Moderator, “Breaking Down Communications Barriers,” Compliance Week 2018. Washington, D.C. 

  • Keynote Interview, 12th International Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress. Vienna. 

  • Keynote, Conference Board of Canada - National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit. Toronto.

  • Keynote, International Criminal Court - High-Level International Conference on Integrity and Anti-Corruption. The Hague.

  • Keynote, Compliance Week Europe. Amsterdam.

  • Keynote, Antikorrupsjonskonferansen. Oslo. 

  • Keynote, Compliance Week 2017. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote, Innoxcell Annual Symposium. Hong Kong.

  • Keynote, 2nd Annual Global Anti-Corruption & Compliance Conference. Amsterdam



  • Keynote Interview, Legal Week 2016 Middle-East Regulatory & Compliance Forum. Dubai. 

  • Keynote Interview, The FCPA Blog NYC Conference. New York.

  • Keynote, 17th Annual Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Compliance Congress. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote Interview, ACI Anti-Corruption China Conference. Shanghai

  • Keynote, Compliance Week 2016. Washington, D.C.

  • Panelist, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Annual Conference. Chicago.

  • Keynote, Chicago Regional Business Ethics Network. Chicago.

  • Keynote Interview, Global Anti-Corruption and Compliance Summit. Amsterdam. 


  • Keynote, 6th Annual Conference of the International Forum on Business Ethical Conduct. Boston.

  • Keynote, Tufts University Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Political Risk Group. Boston.

  • Panel Workshop Leader, C5 Compliance & Ethics Conference. London. 

  • Keynote Interview, The 10/10 Compliance Conference. Mumbai, India.

  • Keynote Interview, World Bank. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote, MetricStream GRC Summit. Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Keynote Interview, Momentum A.C.E. Compliance Summit. Washington, D.C.

  • Keynote Interview, OECD Integrity week. Paris. 

  • Keynote, Federal Bureau of Investigation: Corporate Outreach Program. Boston, MA.

  • Keynote Interview, 5th Singapore Corporate Governance Week. Singapore.

  • Keynote Interview, Ethic Intelligence, Excellence In Anti-Corruption Compliance Day. Paris. 

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