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  • Richard Bistrong

Front-Line Video: An Interview With Jane Ellis

On March 13th, 2015, GRC Solutions  hosted a Round-Table discussion with compliance and legal professionals from some of the largest firms in Australia. I was invited as an Anti-Bribery, Compliance and Ethics consultant via video-conference from the US into the GRC Solutions’ offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The purpose of the event was to hear about and discuss my real-world experiences of bribery and corruption and my work now, speaking on current issues of front line anti-bribery, compliance and ethics issues.

The host, GRC Solutions (link here),  is a recognised leader in the online compliance training market in the Asia Pacific region. They have a small, tight knit team of just over twenty professionals in their offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore. With  award winning compliance training technology, Salt Compliance, they help hundreds of companies navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and build resilient organisational cultures, providing unique accessibility and economies of scale to corporations with substantial training needs. GRC Solutions publish a broad range of legal compliance, risk management and ethics training courses designed for clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and an expanding number of jurisdictions around the world. Their training courses can be tailored for any organisation in any industry and currently caters to the finance, construction, mining, oil, healthcare and public sector industries.

My interlocutor for the Round-Table and video interview was Jane Ellis (LinkedIn profile here), Anti-Bribery, Principal of Assertia. Jane  has a wealth of experience in working with companies that want to strengthen their corporate cultures. Jane has assisted and advised companies on compliance with their obligations under competition and anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in Australia and other countries. She has also worked closely with companies toward implementing change to their standards and values. Jane has extensive experience conducting risk assessments and due diligence, developing codes of conduct and the supporting policies and programs as well as assisting companies in the implementation of these change programs. Jane is a member of the GRC Solutions Advisory Panel.

As the Round-Table discussion was an engaging event, where I also responded to questions from attendees, Jane asked me if I would join her for a follow up interview, which is here in its entirety.


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