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VIDEO: The Bribery Act, The SFO & DPA’s: Talk of Change?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

In this video interview, Barry Vitou (, Partner, Pinsent Masons, and head of their Global Corporate Crime Team, addresses:

  1. His initial interest in global anti-corruption issues.

  2. The role and mandate of the SFO and NCA.

  3. Differences, as well as similarities,  in the structure and enforcement of the FCPA and The Bribery Act.

  4. The current regime of DPA’s and incentives.

  5. What are the hallmarks of the current program?

  6. What’s the discount value of self-disclosure?

  7. What are the benefits and liabilities of self-disclosure: Does it make sense?

  8. Should the cost of an internal investigation be factored into the decision to self-disclose?

  9. Is the current discount program sufficient enough to promote self-disclosure?

  10. Is the SFO revisiting the issue of DPA’s and incentives?

  11. What about Section 7, the “Failure to Prevent,” how does the SFO analyze a compliance program?

  12. Finally, Barry addresses his blog, How did he end up with that URL before the regulators?

Barry can be reached at

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