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  • Richard Bistrong

Compliance Challenges in Australia and Asia

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The first in a multipart interview, GRC Solutions ( Managing Director, Julian Fenwick, shares his experience, perspective, and practice, with respect to anti-bribery and compliance challenges for multinationals which are either based in Australia and/or Asia, or with subsidiaries in the region. Julian shares his views with how regulatory awareness in the region has impacted compliance efforts, addressing how anti-bribery compliance has  become “globalized.” For multinationals based in Australia and/or Asia, which are engaging with the United States, Great Britain, and other countries in their commercial activities,  the need to address the FCPA, The Bribery Act and other international anti-bribery conventions in business operations has never been greater.

In other words, the challenge of conducting business from Australia and Asia is much greater than local laws and regulations- it’s a global effort with significant training requirements.  In this context,  it’s imperative to provide consistent, yet tailored to the region and language, on-line training in order to instill employee compliance awareness, especially where there is increased risk. To hear more of Julian’s perspective,  and to find out about the GRC Solutions SALT Compliance e-learning platform, feel free to contact:


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