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The Accidental Compliance Professional: Compliance Independence & Activism

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In the last of my three-part interview with Roy Snell, we discuss his recent book, The Accidental Compliance Professional, and the significance of compliance independence and activism. In this video exchange, Roy and I address:

  • Are compliance leaders having a seat at the business table, and if not, why is this issue still so stubborn?

  • Why have compliance programs and leaders fail in the past.

  • Are we thinking about the compliance implications of incentives, and what is the role of compliance leadership when it comes to incentives and objectives?

  • What is a compliance activist, and is that a good thing?

  • What are the three kinds of compliance professionals?

  • What’s next for Roy?

I hope will join us for this fun and engaging interview.  I look forward to Roy’s next book and future exchanges!

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