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VIDEO: How Can We Reduce the Gap Between Ethics & Business Practices?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In Part III of my interview with Dr. Caterina Bulgarella, we talk about her work, published by SAI Global, “Predicting Risk, A Strategic Culture Framework for the C-Suite.”

In this interview, we address the following issues:

  1. What is ‘ethical ownership’ and ‘ethical capacity,’ and what should they mean to us as compliance leaders?

  2. How does ‘ownership’ of the E & C function impact ‘ethical voice,’ and the ability of those on the front-lines of business to distance themselves from ethical practices?

  3. How can we better encourage employees to step forward and talk about their business and ethical challenges, even if those conversations are uncomfortable and awkward?

  4. How can business leaders be more sensitive to the conflicts that inevitably occur in certain regions where we know that the line between what might be a permissible activity and what could be a violation might be blurry and gray?

  5. What is the relationship between organizational culture and employee well-being?

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