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VIDEO: What happens when there’s a gap between stated values and actual values?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In part one of a three-part video series, I am honored to interview Dr. Caterina Bulgarella, where we address her work, published by SAI Global, Predicting Risk, A Strategic Culture Framework for the C-Suite. For those not familiar with Caterina’s work and background,

Caterina is a culture architect and ethics advisor who collaborates with SAI Global. Over the years, Caterina has been a thought partner to senior executives on a range of issues, including corporate culture, business ethics, change management, leadership development, employee engagement, and talent management. Caterina holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and M.A.’s in Personnel Psychology and Organizational Psychology from New York University (NYU). She is currently serving as an adjunct professor in the Organizational Psychology Masters Program at New York University.

In this interview Caterina, and I exchange perspectives about what’s all too often an unresolved gap between stated values, and what an organization truly values, which forces individuals on the front-lines of business to face difficult ethical choices on a routine basis.

Specifically, we address:

1.  What might that gap look like?

2. What groups of individuals or employees often face those ethical choices?

3.  What drives behavior during times of ethical dilemmas?

4. Is some of this dynamic just a natural and inherent part of growth and organizational tension?

5. What are some of the best practices that a multinational can take to help people untangle those conflicts, even well-intentioned ones, where they exist and keep people on the right side of ethical decision making?

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