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  • Richard Bistrong


Welcome. My goal in the launch of this Blog is to engage and stimulate discussion with respect to the existing field of anti-bribery compliance efforts. How? By endeavoring to present compliance professionals with a real world sales and marketing perspective on foreign bribery based on my own personal experience, from a career in international sales to my Federal sentencing. I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and would welcome constructive comments on current compliance and enforcement trends, especially as they impact international sales and marketing organizations.

Furthermore, I hope that my experience, inclusive of my US/UK cooperation, as well as US Plea and sentencing, might provide some value and insight to other individuals and corporations who are dealing with the reality of compliance “on the ground”. In addition, I will look for comments and observations as to how compliance policies are best articulated and implemented, especially within a sales and marketing organization. Thus, in order to exchange views, I would like to invite other professionals to guest blog and comment on relevant and challenging issues with respect to FCPA compliance.

Thank you.


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