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  • Richard Bistrong

How Adaptive Compliance Training Reduces Fatigue

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

In this video interview (part III of IV), GRC Solutions  Managing Director, Julian Fenwick, shares the value of Adaptive Compliance Training in today’s e-learning environment. In this short compelling video, Julian addresses how Adaptive Compliance Training:

  1. Delivers content in a more effective manner, saving organizations a substantial amount of time/hours in their compliance training programs while at the same time increasing effectiveness and retention.

  2. Calibrates training to address “what is remembered and what is forgotten” to deliver relevant content to the individual learner.

  3. Can be used for any form of training, across subject matters, jurisdictions, and languages.

  4. Can be edited by the organization to ensure that it is properly calibrated to the specific needs of a workforce.

  5. Converts stale training into interactive and relevant content, thereby increasing engagement and retention.

  6. Uses existing technology and learning platforms, thus allowing ease of implementation, while at the same time offering technology platforms to bring the ‘training to the user’ as to how they learn, and where they learn,  via smartphones, tablets, etc.

To learn more about Adaptive Compliance Training, feel free to contact Julian Fenwick at


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